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Fully shatter-proof New generation hybrid glass. Combination of leading features of both foil and glass guarantees crack resistance and 2,5x higher protection even in extreme situations.

High screen protection
Hardness of the screen kept on the high level of 7H (Pencil Hardness acc. Wolf-Wilburn Scale) by featuring the innovative ceramic layers.

Glass-like feeling
FlexibleGlass provides authentic feeling of touching the actual screen directly, whilst still keeping it safe and fully touch-sensitive.

Only 0,2mm thickness
FlexibleGlass hybrid glass is known for its unordinary thickness - 0,2mm.

The quickest installation
Fit-In™ positioning tabs help to apply the protector with no bubbles.

Perfect alignment
Precise laser type of manufacturing guarantees impeccable adjustment. Hybrid glass is endowed in holes dedicated to camera hole and any type of sensors.
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Rámeček Skla Transparentní
Model Telefonu: Huawei P9 Lite 2017
typ skla TPU Fólie


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