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Forever Light Senso headlamp is a perfect combination of quality, comfort of use and excellent lighting parameters. Two types of LEDs allows you to adjust the light from intense, focused to wide, diffused, and the built-in sensor allows for contactless operation of the flashlight. In addition you may use a red light with a wide range of applications and battery level indicator shows you battery condition. The flashlight has an adjustable beam angle and a comfortable headbandfor perfect fit. Operating modes: press the button (insert symbol 1 below): XP-E 100% brightness - 75% - flash - COB - red light - red light flash - OFF. Press the button (insert symbol 2 below) - the motion sensor is activated (signaled by a red diode at the bottom of the diode): move your hand up to 10 cm from the flashlight to turn it on. The same movement causes a shutdown. To turn off the sensor, press the button (insert symbol 2) again.
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