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Forever Light Sporty headlamp with a red back light is the perfect choice for an evening jogging or bike ride. It will also be helpful for camping or car repair. The flashlight has two built-in LEDs: XP-E 160lm and COB 80lm and a red rear light works in the same mode as front lamp. The XP-E LED emits a strong, intense, focused light, while the COB LED offers a wide, diffused light. An additional option is the contactless operation of the flashlight using a motion sensor. The switches correspond to the LED below. Operating modes: press the button on the left to turn on the XP-E LED: 100% brightness - 75% - Flash - SOS - OFF. Press the button on the right to turn on the COB LED: 100% brightness - 75% - OFF. The red LED on the rear works in the same mode as the front one. To turn on the motion sensor, hold the selected button for 3 seconds, which will light up in red, and then move your hand up to 10 cm from the flashlight to turn it on. The same move causes a shutdown. To turn off the sensor, press the button again. The battery charging connector is located inside the back cover.
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