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Forever Light Ultra headlamp is the most powerful of the flashlights in our offer. Built-in T6 and XP-E LEDs run together generate a strong light of 500lm! The flashlight is perfect for outdoor expeditions or camping, and an additional rear lamp will make you safe also when cycling in the evening. An additional advantage is the ability to quickly replace the batteries without having to wait until they are recharged. 2x 18650 batteries with a capacity of 1200mAh allow the device to work for a long time. The flashlight is very comfortable to use and the additional headband allows you to adjust it well to the size of the head. Working modes: Press the button on the top of the flashlight: 100% brightness T6 - 100% XP-E - 100% T6 + XP-E (the most powerful mode) - flash - OFF. Hold the button for 3 seconds: 100% COB - 50% COB - red light COB - flash COB - OFF. The rear red lamp has an independent switch located on the side of the battery housing. The lamp has two modes: continuous - flash. The battery charging connector is located on the back cover next to the red light switch.
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